RF-Lite TT


The RF-Lite TT is a cost-effective system for companies looking to print directly onto lids, cards and pouches. Ideal for the replacement of labels, it delivers a large area of print which can include graphics, logos and barcodes as well as text.

RF-Lite TT edited

Right Code

Fitted with a large area thermal transfer printer, the RF-Lite TT can print a large amount of information and can offer different ribbon colours.

Right Place

The RF-Lite TT is a combined feeding and printing system that ensures perfect placement of the print on the product - every time.

Right Cost

Use of an industry standard thermal transfer printer coupled with Rotech's RF-Lite feeder makes the RF-Lite TT an extremely cost-effective system.

Other Benefits 

  • Easy-to-use Enlabel format design package
  • Choice of two print widths - 102mm (4") and 204mm (8")
  • Tool-less change between product sizes
  • 300dpi resolution for clear and sharp print quality