OEM/Reseller Partners

Our range of automatic offline feeding systems are designed for easy integration of a range of OEM printers, labellers and camera systems for where a turnkey solution is required.

The RF1 range consists of 3 variants:

Ideal for:

  • Blister cards
  • Lidding material
  • Seed packets
  • Pouches

Ideal for:

  • Flat cartons
  • Sleeves

Ideal for:

  • Poly bags
  • Crashlock cartons
  • Resealable pouches
  • Asymmetric products

Other Options

  • Extended infeed/outfeed - ideal for when long products need to be fed.
  • Stripper/anti-static kit - sometimes necessary on the outfeed when feeding and separating plastic pouches.
  • Shingling conveyors - particularly useful for feeding cartons at high speed.
  • Infeed support guides - useful to increase the infeed hopper stack height or aid feeding of awkward products.
  • Sprung gating fingers - sometimes used for separating 'quick-lock' pouches.
  • Stack counters - used to delay the infeed at a pre-determined level to aid removal of a marked product.
  • Conveyor stop - used in conjunction with a vision system to stop the conveyor after an incorrect mark has been identified.
  • Reject system - rejects marked products after an incorrect mark has been identified.
  • Validation packages - to aid with system integration into Pharmaceutical sites.

RF Range Brochure