Feeding System Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available that enhance our automatic offline feeding system capabilities to suit your requirements.

A standard RF1 feeder is bench mounted and uses one of three feeding technologies. This has an integral 900mm long 400mm wide conveyor ready to accept a printer, labeller or vision system. Collation on this standard unit is a fixed 'catcha' tray to collect the product at the end of the cycle.

The following feeding system accessories can be added to a standard machine:

  • Extended infeed/outfeed - using the friction feeder 1m long medical pouches have been automatically fed and printed.
  • Shingling conveyors - replaces the standard 'catcha' with an additional variable speed conveyor, particularly useful for feeding cartons at high speed.
  • Reject system - and inline reject used in conjunction with a vision system to reject marked products after an incorrect mark has been identified
  • Validation packages - to aid with system integration into pharmaceutical sites.

Customised Feeding Systems

Whilst our standard RF1 Feeding Systems are able to meet the majority of our customers’ needs, there are occasionally applications that require a little extra. 

Not a problem, the Rotech range of feeders are of our own in-house design. Therefore, we are able to modify and customise them in order to meet particular customer requirements.

If you have any feeding and/or printing issues you think we can help with, why not 
contact us today.