Automatic Offline Feeding Systems

Our RF range of automatic offline feeders are designed to handle a wide range of products. One system has the ability to serve several production lines and offers fast changeover between batches.

Fitted with the right type of printer and/or labeller these systems can address a range of coding and marking applications such as; carton coding, sleeve coding, blister card coding, coding Tyvek pouches, even printing seed packs with all the information relating to the product inside.

These systems save stock of preprinted products and provide only the packs that are needed, when they are needed.

The RF Range consists of:

The RF1 Feeder Range

The RF1 is a range of high performance, high volume, offline overprinting systems that use 3 forms of established feeding system technology where the products are fed stack to stack.

These consist of:

The RF1 Pharma System

Allows pharmaceutical customers to print and inspect cartons offline.

The RF1 Pharma is fitted, as standard, with both an automatic diverter-flap reject system and shingling (accumulation) conveyor to maintain high throughput whilst being easy to operate.

RF2 Friction Feeder

The RF2 is a standalone friction carton and sleeve feeder ideal for printing date and batch codes and/or simple graphics.

Printers can be fitted quickly giving a cost effective offline coding solution particularly where a spare printer is available


Rf-lite crop

RF-Lite Sleeve Coder

The RF-Lite is a simple, low-cost sleeve coding system; ideal for companies looking to automate their date marking process for the first time. It also suits larger operators who are looking to install dedicated marking systems on multiple production lines.


RF Box Feeder

Ideal for the automatic feeding of boxes in their flat form.

It's twin conveyor design allows for the easy separation of boxes onto the conveyor so that they can be individually marked or labelled ready for operator removal.