Pharmaceutical Packaging Printing Solutions

Offline packaging & coding solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

The RF1 Pharma system has been designed specifically to meet the needs of our pharmaceutical customers wishing to feed, print, inspect and then either accept or reject the item according to the outcome.

Each part of the system offers a number of benefits:

Feeding system

By using three different feeding technologies (friction, shuttle and pick and place vacuum) any type of product can be fed, though these are most typically cartons (including crash-locks)

Printing system

The printing technologies most suited to this type of application are Thermal Transfer (TTO) or Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), as they allow the printing of the following information on a carton:

  • Multiple lines of text using an OCR-B font (the easiest for a camera to read.)
  • Fixed information datamatrix barcodes.
  • Serialised datamatrix barcodes.

Camera system

The camera system confirms that the correct information has been printed and to reject any product that does not comply.

Camera systems typically feature:

  • Multiple tools to check text and barcode information.
  • Intelligent OCR system that can learn the character set.
  • Datamatrix and Pharmacode barcode reading.

More sophisticated camera systems can also:

  • Interact with the printer to handle serialisation applications.
  • Provide an online “process” grading of the datamatrix barcode.

Reject system

The reject is a unique diverter flap device that allows good products to be driven over the reject station onto the shingling conveyor, yet rapidly diverts rejects down into the collection bin where a sensor confirms that it has been removed from the conveyor.

Overall the RF1 Pharma system offers an efficient and flexible system for the offline coding of pharmaceutical packaging.