Cosmetic packaging printing solution

Offline packaging & coding solutions for the cosmetic industry

When clarity and accuracy of printing is all important, Rotech has the solution.

Coding of cosmetic cartons needs particular attention to detail as high-gloss surfaces on easily marked and the print must be right every time. Rotech have three types of feeding system for the effective and accurate handling of cosmetic packaging:

  • Friction Feeder – able to handle a wide range of products.
  • Shuttle Feeder – specifically for regular reverse-tuck cartons.
  • Vacuum Feeder – a pick and place system, particularly suitable for cartons that mark easily.

These feeding systems can be fitted with a variety of coding systems.

Hot Foil

In conjunction with Rotech’s intermittent motion Servo Drive system, the carton is stopped very accurately under the coding (or stamping) head and then marked with a technology that still offers a number of unique benefits:

  • Ability to produce a solid white code.
  • Ability to produce a true mirror finish gold or silver mark.
  • Large range of colours, including metallics.
  • Unrivalled rub resistant.
  • True graphic quality of print.

Thermal Transfer

A programmable technology that allows for easy changeover of data as well as the ability to print bar codes, including datamatrix.


An alternative programmable technology that burns down to a contrasting layer to produce a visually district mark.

Pre-printing of cartons can allow for information such as product variant or shade to be added far more accurately than might be possible on line. A system of this type is idea for subsequent hand packing of product.