Rotech’s operations span many industries, but the main fields of operation are as follows:

  • Food Packaging
    Systems for adding Use By and Best Before dates as well as factory production codes to a wide variety of food packaging formats. Very high speed systems available using non-contact coding methods.
  • Pharmaceutical
    Systems for the printing of variable information on cartons, such as lot number and expiry dates, but also including datamatrix barcodes which lead on to full systems for serialisation.
    Any type of carton, including crashlock, can be handled, in either a body or flap-leading orientation.
  • Cosmetics
    The look of the product is paramount for the Cosmetic industry, so any offline printing process has to handle products without marking them and produce a first class print quality.
    Rotech’s feeding systems can be configured for perfect carton handling and technologies such as hot foil offer a graphic quality of print – even in metallic colours such as gold and silver.
  • Hardware, Industrial, Horticultural
    Three sectors, with one thing in common - a need for late stage customisation of a generic type pack. Whether the product being packed is nuts and washers, automotive mirrors, or plant seeds, the number of variants can be vast, yet the range of page sizes small and the need to print what is needed, when it is needed a huge benefit.
  • Medical Device
    Systems for a wide variety of medical packaging where anything from a simple expiry date and lot number to a full product description, including barcode and UDI can be printed. Direct printing can save the cost of printing and applying a pre-printed label. 
    Typical products are Tyvek lids, pouches, and blanks for product wrapping.