Offline Sleeve Coding Systems

Production efficiency can be improved by the use of an offline sleeve coding system.

Sleeves are a common form of packaging for food products, (particularly ready meals) packaged in trays, tubs or pots. However, printing date codes on these online can present difficulties as follows:

  • Sleeve position along a tray can vary making accurate code placement difficult.
  • Tall tubs or pots can be unstable and difficult to guide.
  • Overprint areas can be hard to access.

Taking the process offline can address these issues. Rotech have three systems ideally suited to the printing of sleeves.

The RF-Lite food sleeve coding system is a simple, low-cost offline coding system; ideal for companies looking to automate their date marking process for the first time. Fitted with clean thermal inkjet technology, the RF-Lite is ideal for clear, concise date or batch coding onto sleeves and cartons

The Rotech RF2 equipped with an inkjet printer either Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) or Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) can print sleeves at exceptionally high speed where only a Use By date is required, possibly with the addition of a production code.

The Rotech RF1-F, friction feeder, can be fitted with a Thermal Transfer printer that will allow for:

  • Larger areas to be printed.
  • Print to be made on high gloss surfaces.
  • Print to be made using a white ribbon on a dark surface.

The RF1-F can also be fitted with a labelling system to add, for example, promotional stickers or spot labels.