Offline Pouch coding Machines

Printing pouches online can be problematic: an offline system could be the answer.

Pouches come in many shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of industries: the more typical applications for Rotech feeding systems have been as follows:

Food industry

  • Pouches used for their strength and ability to package liquids (e.g. soups and sauces.)
  • Pouches with a resealable strip.

Medical device

  • Foil pouches.
  • Medical paper / film pouches.
  • Pouches with a resealable strip.

Hardware products

  • Pouches with euroslot for small items.

Some pouches can be fed using the RF1 Friction feeder. For the ones that can't be fed this way, a RF1 Vacuum feeder would be used.

Picking the pouch from the top of the stack and placing it onto the conveyor for printing/labelling offers a reliable and accurate feeding system.

An inkjet printer could be used to print a small amount of information such as a use by date. However, when a large amount of information needs to be printed such as a product description or ingredients’ declaration, a Thermal Transfer (TTO) printer is used. It is well suited for the following reasons:

  • A large amount of text can be printed.
  • Small font sizes and graphics are easily handled.
  • Any type of barcode (including datamatrix) can be printed.
  • Rub resistance is very good.
  • Coloured ribbons are available – including white.
  • Print height up to 128mm. (5”)