Offline bag coding systems

Polybags are awkward to handle, but still require coding.

Many bags for packaging of products are made on a form, fill and seal machine, starting life as film on a reel. However, sometimes a pre-formed bag is needed and this bag requires coding.

The RF1 Vacuum feeder has been designed to handle these more flimsy products. Picking the bag from the top of the stack and placing it onto the conveyor for printing or labelling,  the RF1-V offers a reliable and accurate feeding system.

If only a small amount of information is required to be printed on the product, such as a use by date an inkjet printer could be used. When a large amount of information needs to be printed such as a product description or ingredients’ declaration and for this a Thermal Transfer (TTO) printer is used.

A Thermal Transfer printer is well suited for the following reasons:

  • A large amount of text can be printed.
  • Small font sizes and graphics are easily handled.
  • Any type of barcode (including datamatrix) can be printed.
  • Rub resistance is very good.
  • Coloured ribbons are available – including white.
  • Print height up to 128mm. (5”)