Rotech’s offline coding systems span many different applications, but the most common are:

  • Carton and Sleeve coding
    Accounting for the greatest proportion of all feeding systems, feeders can be fitted with either TTO or TIJ printing technologies (as well as labelling systems) to add a variety of information form simple Use By dates to datamatrix barcodes.
  • Pouch and bag coding  
    Often awkward to handle, these products can be fed on the Rotech range, often with a large quantity of information such as an ingredients’ declaration or product description being printed. 
  • Blister card coding
    Products which come is a vast array of variants are often packed using a small range of blister cards onto which the details of each product, including a bar code, needs to be printed. Rotech systems offer an ideal combination of feeding and printing technology for printing either the front or the reverse of a blister card.
  •  Labelling
    Any offline coding system, can also be an offline labelling system or both! This can be particularly useful where information needs to be changed (for instances to cater for different languages) with a label obliterating the old information and carrying the new.