Offline Coding Solutions

Applying variable data to your products is only one small element of the production process, and maybe not your highest priority. Until, that is, you can’t print what you need, or apply a label, where you need it. Sometimes it's just not possible to print or label your products online;

You may have issues with the following:

  • Incorrect positioning of date codes onto food sleeves - If you're putting your products into sleeves, orientation and getting your date code positioned accurately in the print area can be an issue.
  • Special promotions costly - too costly to set up a production line for a limited special promotion.
  • Demand is spread across a wide range of product lines - it needs the flexibility to print or apply a label to a variety of packaging types and sizes. Common with other producers you may have to respond very quickly to daily orders.
  • Large print area is required - a wider range and larger print areas can be accommodated offline to print, for example, full ingredients declaration, statement of nutritional content or even the wide variety of information that needs to be printed on seed packets.
  • Print directly onto the product is not possible online - crash-lock is a good example, designed to be easy to erect by hand these can be readily printed offline.
  • Coding needed on preformed bags - many bags for packaging of products are made on a form, fill and seal machine, starting life as film on a reel. However, sometimes a pre-formed bag is needed and this bag requires coding. Again, these can be readily printed offline.

With our integrated feeder, coding and/or labelling system, you can take the process offline and bring your sleeves, cartons, bags, pouches and blister cards to the line already printed and/or labelled. It’s simple to operate and easy to move between production lines for extra capacity when you need it.

  • So, how does offline coding work?

  • What are the advantages of an offline coding system?